From Spacesuits to High Fashion: A hands-on introduction to e-textiles

E-Textiles Workshop

For 21+


Elegant and sophisticated wearable technology from cutting edge fashion designers Pankaj and Nidhi. Their glowing geometric dress from the SS12 show at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. More on their website pankajnidhi com.

Join Vermont Makers for the Art Under the Influence Series with the South End Arts and Business Association (SEABA)

Thursday February 13, 2014
Drink, St. Paul Street, Burlington
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What are e-textiles?

The emerging field of e-textiles is exciting, fun, beautiful and overflowing with opportunities for innovation. E-textiles are articles of clothing, home furnishings and architecture that include embedded computational and electronic elements. Other examples are military uniforms, sportswear and portable medical devices. *

While this may be the first you’ve heard of e-textiles, the field is growing – the wearable electronics business is expected to grow from a 14 billion dollar industry in 2014 to 70 billion in 2024. **


Familiar and unfamiliar: An X-ray of the suit that Alan B. Shepard wore on the Moon during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971. New York Times

What to expect at this workshop

Join us on February 13 to sew and design your own e-textile project. Be the first person on your block to sew a circuit! You may use the materials we provide or bring your own material or clothing.

This workshop will get you started on your project and show some of the exciting e-textile projects under development at the MIT Media Lab. We’ll also share resources with you to support your interest in e-textiles beyond this workshop.

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Use this coupon code for a $10 discount: SEABAbtv

 More Information

Stainless Steel Conductive thread by Adafruit Industries. You can also find this thread at SparkFun Electronics

Stainless steel conductive thread by Adafruit Industries. You can also find conductive thread at SparkFun Electronics

Learn more about e-textiles

Learn more about the series

Art Under the Influence is a production of the South End Arts & Business Association. Sponsored by Switchback Brewing Company and hosted by Drink! 

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Use this coupon code for a $10 discount: SEABAbtv


* Beuchley, Leah and Peppler, Kylie, eds.,Textile Messages: Dispatches From the World of E-Textiles and Education, (Peter Lang), 2013.

**Harrop ,Peter and Das, Raghu and Chansin, Guillaume. E-textiles, wearable electronics, medical diagnostics, smart glasses, smart wristbands and more, IDTechEx .


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