Resources + Pics: Blinkies, the Quadrotor, the Thing-O-Matic and more

Thanks for coming out to our first public gathering at the Miller Center and thanks, Ken Howell and the Emergent Media MFA Program at Champlain College for sponsoring this Vermont Makers event. It was a great turnout!

Below find photos of the event and links to resources, as promised.

Photo Gallery from Blinkies, the Quadrotor, and the Thing-o-Matic – April 3 2012:

Get Smart with These Presentation Resources:
(new resources added 4/14/12)
Presentation Resources

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Illuminate Your Life Resources

There are an almost infinite amount of resources on the web for LEDs.  I’ve picked a couple that should whet your appetite.  Also, feel free to ask questions here and on facebook if you need guidance on anything specific.

A good starting place for the science behind LEDs is Wikipedia. There are a lot of linked resources here, some of which you’ll recognize from my presentation slides. I still have not been able to click through all that I wanted to!

If you’e interested in making some LEDs blink, a good place to start is with Adafruit’s Arduino tutorial series. Number three is specifically about LEDs.

If you liked the simple lights I handed out, you can find the LEDs in packs of ten here. Adafruit also has a ton of other LED related stuff.

If you have questions about anything else I discussed, or just want to pass along a link to a cool blinky project, you can find me on Google+ as ransomhall.  I also have a website where I post my electronic exploits at, and finally my email is eric at that domain name (not linked here for spambot reasons).

On a final note, I noticed that Ken, who runs the MFA program at Champlain, referred to me in one of his pictures as “Lord of the Blinkies”. I kinda like that.  I generally like to stick to a science theme (the labcoat is a dead giveaway). I overheard one attendee say to another “that guy is blinkin’ mad”, which made me think my alter ego alias should be “Blinkin’ Mad Scientist”. What do you guys think? Got anything better? Free blinkies at the next meeting to the comment author with the best one. Mwahahahaha!

 Submitted by Eric Hall