STEM Education: A Renewed Culture of Innovation

Here’s a special issue of the local program “Stem Education: A Renewed Culture of Innovation.” It features two friends of Vermont Makers, Jeff Branson of Sparkfun Electronics and Doug Webster of Champlain Maker Faire

Maker Spaces are emerging in communities and schools across the country. Jeff Branson of Sparkfun discusses his experience with growing Maker/Hacker Spaces and what it takes to create and run a space for innovation where families, adults, and kids can say “I can do that.”

Moe information on the program

Sparkfun Electronics Comes to VT – Teaches our Teachers

Jeff Branson from SparkFun

On April 17 +18, 2012 Jeff Branson of SparkFun conducted workshops in Burlington, Vermont. These workshops taught our teachers approaches to conducting classes on the Arduino micro controller. We are very thankful to both Jeff and to SparkFun for their generosity and for helping us plan our educational program.

SparkFunis a passionate company with a DIY spirit very much aligned with Vermont’s independent streak. They offer special education pricing to schools and do workshops all over the country. They also have a great website, check it out! Thank you Jeff, for coming to Vermont!

Also a big thank you to Laboratory B and to Champlain College’s MFA in Emergent Media Program for providing space for the workshops.

Arduino-Compatible PTH Kit

Look Ma! I soldered it myself!


We look forward to working with our friends at SparkFun Electronics on many more projects!