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Vermont FabLab Workshop – Spring 2014

An Exciting New Course at UVM Explores Innovation through Art + Technology Projects
CEMS 095 + CEMS 295
Instructor: Jenn Karson
University of Vermont | Spring 2014 | 3 Credits
Wednesdays 5:10 – 8:10pm
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Vermont Training Program Grant funding is available – see below

This course is open to non-degree students including:

•  Professional creatives and artists who want to explore the use of contemporary art + technology materials and methods.

•  Entrepreneurs and business professionals interested in innovation and product development

•  K-12 teachers who need to implement common core engineering + design curriculum

Vermont FabLab Workshop is an overview of the convergence of art + technology in engineering, contemporary art and the DIY maker movement. Through live demonstrations, hands-on projects and complementary readings students will gain technical skills and engage in critical reflections on aesthetics, material culture, technology and society.

Class teachings and projects will introduce design thinking, ecological thinking, handmade electronics, microcontrollers, physical computing, e-textiles, circuit bending, how to use Vermont FabLab’s rapid prototyping equipment and STEAM educational approaches. Students will be taught practical skills and class presentations will give context to how artists, scientists and technologists are using new technologies and rapid prototyping methods.

If you are interested in enrolling contact UVM Continuing Education:
Phone: (800) 639-3210 or (802) 656-2085. Click the “learn more” button below to ask a question.

The State of Vermont has approved the FabLab Workshop for Vermont Training Program Grant funding – yes, the credit course – for Vermonters work in Manufacturing, Health Care, Information Technology, Telecommunications, or Environmental Engineering. This means a 40% reduction in the cost for those qualifying for the grant.
Here is a link to more info about the grant and the application


Generator: Burlington’s Maker Space Survey

Attention Makers! What do you want in a Maker Space? Now is your chance to weigh in.

Generator is a 6000 square foot Maker Space slated to open in early 2014 in downtown Burlington, Vermont. The space will provide shared tools, workspace, education and community events. For more information about this project contact:

Generator is intended to fit the needs of local makers, so please take the following survey and share your thoughts.

Link to survey

Job Posting: Assist a Young Maker

We met Peter and Amy at this year’s Tech Jam. This job posting comes directly from them and if you are interested please use their contact information below to get in touch with them.

Summary: Jesse is 19 years old with high functioning autism and multiple learning challenges.  He is also very mechanically skilled and knowledgeable about manual machines like gears, pulleys, hydraulics and such.  He has been working with a mentor at Bike Recycle Vermont for 2 years and is a decent bike mechanic.  He really “gets” how moving parts go together and he is a HIGHLY visual person.  Show him something once and he will remember.  Tell him something, and forget about it.  He has an electric bicycle which he is interested in converting to solar power.
What we are looking for in an employee:
You must be a good communicator.  This is key.  Must be able to keep Jesse on task because he gets easily sidetracked by his ideas for “improvement”.   His ideas are sometimes possible but not often realistic.  We need someone with very good mechanical skills who can work hands-on.  We see this as “project time”…building and working together.
We pay $20/hour and if interested people contact us we can give them more information on Jesse and what we’re hoping they can do for/with him.

Our contact info:
Peter Booth and Amy Beaton
If you have any questions or if you know of people who might be interested, please don’t hesitate to pass our info on to them.  We would be absolutely thrilled to connect with someone who could work with Jesse.