June Book Club:
“You Are Not A Gadget.
A Manifesto”

Happy June! This month we launch the Vermont Makers Book Club. As our calendar of events begins to take shape, we imagine that these readings will give those who participate a common point of reference and spark lively conversation and debate.

We begin the series with the thought-provoking “You Are Not a Gadget. A Manifesto” By Jaron Lanier.

The book is out in paperback. If your local library doesn’t carry it, remember that they can get it for you through interlibrary laon.

Here’s what some are saying about “You Are Not a Gadget”

“Sparky, thought-provoking…Lanier clearly enjoys rethinking received tech wisdom: his book is a refreshing change from Silicon Valley’s usual hype.”
-New Scientist

“A call for a more humanistic – to say nothing of human – alternative future in which the individual is celebrated more than the crowd and the unique more than the homogenized…You Are Not a Gadget maybe its own best argument for exalting the creativity of the individual over the collective efforts of the ‘hive mind.’ It’s the work of a singular visionary.”
-Bloomberg News

More information about the book and Jaron Lanier

Take a look at the Book Club schedule and suggest books for the Vermont Makers Book Club.

This book is a fascinating read. Enjoy, Share, Debate.

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“You Are Not A Gadget.
A Manifesto”

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