Eco Logic All, A Vermont Makers meetup

PastedGraphic-2Eco Logic All
Vermont Makers meetup

7-8:30 pm, Thursday, June 19th

Generator, 250 Main St., Burlington, VT

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Three Speakers On: economics, art & making

* Val Esposito describing our current economics & Ecological Economics, a systems thinking based mode of economics that calculates the complexities & realities of our planet. She will also explore how Vermont is measuring itself with the Genuine Progress Indicator & other visionary work.

* Rebecca Schwarz describing large & small scale art that works ecologically & technologically. Showing art in the form of research & large scale bioremediation to art that tests alternative economies. Beauty beyond the visual & into making meaning.

* Ken Howell describing the maker ethos as an antidote to runaway consumerism. Ken will explore the potential of maker culture & the tools of additive & on-demand manufacturing to mitigate ecological pressures.

Design & Imagine: future, Vermont, art, tech

After we hear from the speakers we will break into facilitated small group design sessions. Solving challenges in playful, serious, & / or quirky ways. Each group briefly reporting back to the larger group on their thoughts & concepts.

Mix & Explore:

Come early & stay after (5:30-7, 8:30-9) for conversation & exploration in Generator, Burlington’s new maker space.


Generator, Sustain Champlain & Donella Meadows Institute


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