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Vermont’s first statewide K-12 Maker Faire at UVM

K12-UVM_Poster-2015-webWHAT: Aiken K-12 Maker Faire and TASC Engineering Challenge

WHO: K-12 students and educators will share their engineering and creative projects with the public

WHEN:Saturday, November 21, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

WHERE: University of Vermont, Davis Center 590 Main Street, Burlington VT 05401

Background: The creators of the Champlain Mini Maker Faire and the University of Vermont will host Vermont’s first statewide K-12 Maker Faire at UVM’s Davis Center. Embedded in the event will be the annual Aiken/TASC Engineering Challenge, presented by UVM’s College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences.

K-12 students and families are invited to browse maker and engineering exhibits, participate in programs and workshops and to cheer on students participating in the Aiken/TASC Engineering Challenge. The day includes opportunities to make, create, learn and play while exploring engineering, music, science, technology, and more.

Admission is free for the whole family!

For more information please visit

Mapping Found Sounds: A day in the life at UVM

On October 20 a day in the life of UVM was documented moment by moment. Our project Mapping Found Sounds made the cut! The project engages engineering and computer science students at UVM in the creation of app that builds from a workshop we held last spring at the Fleming Museum.

2:56 p.m. Fab Lab, Votey Hall

Fab Lab

“This? Yes, I made this,” says engineering student Emily Bolt ’17. “It’s a ring that could measure vibration.” Bolt is a student manager of UVM’s Fab Lab and happy to demonstrate the lab’s MakerBot replicators, laser cutters, and 3D printers. As for the ring — made here in collaboration with some computer science students — she points to the dangling wires. “Yeah,” she says, “we still have a ways to go.”

For more on the Day in the Life at UVM story click here

More about the original Mapping Found Sounds Workshop 


Aiken K-12 Maker Faire!

Aiken K-12 Maker Faire

When: Saturday, November 21, 2015
Where: UVM’s Davis Center
What: This event is for K-12 students, teachers, parents and education support makers to exhibit and attend.  Part of the event will include the TASC Engineering Challenge which will run most of the day.  To learn more about the TASC Challenge and the Aiken K-12 Maker Faire, go to: .

This event is a partnership between UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences and Champlain Maker Faire.  Great opportunity to promote your projects and programs.

To register to exhibit, click here. Deadline: November 12, 2015.

Creating a Nation of Makers

maker_faire_976x490Here’s a Message from

Our Commitments to Making

Responding to the President’s call to action to create a Nation of Makers, and as part of a White House event kicking off the National Week of Making, the MakeSchools Higher Education Alliance is announcing renewed support for Making by universities, institutions around the nation!

In a joint letter to President Obama, universities, schools and colleges around the nation have pledged their support for Making.  We are doing this by investing in Makerspaces that are accessible to students across the campus, or serving as “anchor tenants” for commercially-operated Makerspaces; expanding access to university shared facilities and scientific instrumentation to Makers; allowing students that are applying for admission to our institutions to submit their Maker portfolio; supporting research, education, and service-learning that is relevant to Making, such as the development of new tools for desktop manufacturing, or encouraging students to serve as mentors for young Makers; and participating in regional efforts to create a vibrant Maker ecosystem that involve companies, investors, skilled volunteers, state and local officials, libraries, museums, schools, after-school programs, labor unions, and community-based organizations.

See our commitments to Making in the compiled commitment packet and letter to President Obama from the higher education community

State of Making Report

Further responding to the President’s call, the MakeSchools Higher Education Alliance has prepared a “State of Making” report that summarizes outcomes from 40 higher education institutions around the nation who contributed profiles of their engagement with Making. Using this information, this landscape analysis of Making in U.S. higher education explores the institutional perspectives on and support for Maker culture, and in particular the approaches to education, community engagement, and campus resource now being explored on American  campuses.

Recommendations for next steps by the Maker Education Alliance include development of clear definitions, metrics, and assessment standards to better understand and monitor student, program, and institutional success for Making activities and spaces; expand industry, community and K-12 partnerships; consider an institution-wide or even national “grand challenge” focus for Making activities; and share best practices and success stories among diverse institutions and higher education sectors.

Read the State of Making Report now – a community resource

Over the passt twelve months, we’ve worked with amazing universities, art and design schools, and community colleges around the nation who are committed to promoting Maker education and empowering a new generation of Makers — both within their institutions and out to their communities. Thanks to their effort, input and collaboration, reflects the exciting ways in which institutions around the nation are fostering new Makers.

Each participating institution has profiled their engagement through five carefully crafted 10-question surveys. These cover the the institutional perspective and support for Maker culture; projects and exemplars outcomes; leading campus Makers; Makerspaces available on their campuses; and courses which train new Makers. Collectively these profiles assemble a rich picture the range of ways that Making is approached in US campus. They are intended not just to provide visibility and transparency to the ways US schools are engaged in and supporting Making, but also to serve as a community resource to share best practice. This content is assembled as a publicly assessable and free resource online at

Now in the Week of Making, we’d like to recognize their contribution in helping to coordinate to advance our shared agendas in the higher education Makers-community. Through the content, conversation and community developed around MakeSchools, we hope to find incredible new ways to support campus Makers, increase K-12 and industry pipelines for students as well as enhance access and inclusion in higher education experiences and opportunities through Making, in fields ranging from the arts to manufacturing. These goals align well with the President’s goals–helping Makers launch new businesses and create jobs, dramatically expanding the number of students that have the opportunity to become Makers, and challenging Makers to pressing problems.

We invite you to explore

Find us at the National Maker Faire

On June 12th-13th, 2015, Makers from across the United States will convene in Washington, DC—to celebrate Making at the inaugural National Maker Faire. Occurring at the beginning of the “Week of Making” on June 12-13, 2015, the celebration gives curious, inventive people a place to share what they love to make.

MakeSchools will be at the Faire showing student work from CMU, Case Western and Bucknell. Join us on Saturday at 4pm for a talk about the Higher Ed Alliance, the state of Making report, and to hear the winners of our recent student competition “Making Impact”.

Find out more

Find out more about higher education and the Week of Making by visiting our microsite at:

And if you or your institution is organizing or participating in higher ed. related events for the Week of Making, please let us know so we can include them on the site!